Investment Attractiveness Survey: Investment incentives in Kazakhstan
General information
1. What is your company’s primary sector of activity?
2. Do you use any investment incentives?
Yes, we participate in investment programs under one of the following programs (please choose all applicable from the list below):
We are in process of application for investment incentives (please specify):
No (please specify the reason)
If answer to Question 2 is “No”:
Types of investment incentives and awareness
1. Do you plan significant investments in creating new production facilities or upgrading existing production in Kazakhstan?
2. If yes, are you considering concluding an investment contract/agreement?
Yes, we plan to participate in the following programs (please choose all applicable from the list below):
No, because:
3. If yes, how much money are you looking to invest?
If answer to Question 2 is “Yes”:
Assessment of the application of investment incentives
1. Whether available investment incentives affected your choice for investment in Kazakhstan?
2. Whether you encountered any difficulties during application of investment incentives (please choose all potential problem areas applicable from the list below)?
3. Whether you encountered any difficulties during execution of investment incentives?
4. Are you aware of customs incentives for holders of free warehouse and special investment contract to goods produced from foreign raw materials and materials?
6. Have you engaged external advisor for assistance in choosing and execution of investment incentives?
Assessment of the application process
7. Whether application of investment contract/agreement helped you achieving your commercial goals?
8. Are you satisfied with the terms of the applied investment contract/agreement?
9. Are the terms and obligations of the investment contract/agreement clear and transparent to you?
10. Would you say that your rights and interests as an investor are protected under the investment contract/agreement?
11. Whether Kazakh Invest provided support/assistance in choosing the investment contract/agreement?
12. Are you satisfied with the involvement of Kazakh Invest in the process of choosing, application and signing of the investment contract/agreement?
13. Did Kazakh Invest provide support and assistance during the execution of the investment contract/agreement?
14. Whether you are satisfied with the process of interaction with the tax or customs authorities on issues related to investment incentives?
15. Whether you are satisfied with the current legislation regulating investment incentives?
16. Based on your opinion, could you please list any suggestions which could improve investment attractiveness of Kazakhstan for foreign and local investors (please select all applicable)?