ACCA SBL: Individual Learning Plan

• Kaplan training materials in electronic form
• Input of knowledge (writing a test marked by a coach)
• Individual training plan from the coach
• Video workshops on 20 + topics that cover all their theoretical blocks
• Individual consultations for 45 minutes. on each necessary topic
• Participation in a group Q&A session - optional
• Participation in the group session of Mock Exam 1 - optional
• Re-examination (Mock Exam 2) with marking and subsequent preparation recommendations

Advantages or "Equipment" of the video workshop:
• Review of key theoretical aspects of the exam
or "Look at the root"
• Analysis of practical exam tasks on all exam topics
or "Put everything on the shelves"
• Familiarity with the structure of the exam and the requirements of the examiner
or "How not to fall into the trap"
• Mastering a successful exam preparation strategy
or "Open cards"
• Recommendations for effective time allocation in the exam
or "You miss a minute - you lose an hour"
• Recommendations on tactics for obtaining the maximum number of points
or "Difficult to learn - easy to fight"
• Overview of CBE-format functions
or "Fear has big eyes"

Video workshops:

Paper's Life Hacks, "SBL Exam format"
1 Effective Leadership: Professionalism, ethical codes and the public interest
2 Governance: Governance general principles
3 Governance: Stakeholders and CSR
4 Governance: The board of directors
5 Strategy: Concepts of Strategy
6 Strategy: Strategic Choice
7 Strategy: Methods of Strategic Development
8 Risk: Identification, assessment & measurement of risk
9 Risk: Managing, monitoring & mitigating risk
10 Technology: Using IT successfully
11 Innovation: Project Management
12 Leadership: Effective Leadership
13 Governance: Approaches to governance
14 Governance: Reporting to stakeholders
15 Strategy: Strategic Analysis
16 Org. Control: Management IC system & reporting
17 Org. Control: Audit & Compliance
18 E-technology: e-business
19E-technology: e-Marketing
20 Finance: Performance Analysis
21 Finance: Financial Decision-Making
22 Innovation: Organizing for Success: Structure & Processes
23 Innovation: Managing Strategic Change

The specificity of this paper lies in the practical application of models and tools, in the development of professional skills of effective communication and the ability to draw clear conclusions from a large amount of information in a relatively short period of time, often meeting modern requirements of the real business environment

Price: from UAH 15,000
20% VAT will be added to the cost for Russia and Ukraine, 12% - for Kazakhstan

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