ACCA PM: Could Do

• Video workshops on 20 topics, including all topics of tasks in section C.
• Kaplan training materials in electronic form
• Kaplan Mock Exam
• Participation in a group Q&A session
• Participation in a group session of Mock Exam analysis

Advantages or "Equipment available in the KIT":
• Tips and Tricks for exam preparation and passing

or "How to Do the right thing."

• Analysis of practical tasks covering 90% of the course topics.
or "Sort it all out."
•Getting familiar with the structure of the exam and the requirements of the examiner
or "How not to fall into the trap"
• Recommendations for effective time allocation at the exam
or "You miss a minute - you lose an hour"
• Recommendations for obtaining the maximum number of points
or "Difficult to learn - easy to perform"
• Overview of CBE-format functions
or "Fear has big eyes"

Video workshops:
Life Hacks for Successful passing of PM exam
1 Activity-based costing
2 Throughput accounting
3 Target costing
4 Lifecycle costing
5 Environmental accounting
6 Cost volume profit analysis
7 Relevant cost analysis
8 Short-term decisions
9 Dealing with risk and uncertainty
10 Revision of basic variances
11 Advanced variances
12 Budgetary systems
13 Quantitative analysis in budgeting
14 Performance analysis. Balanced scorecard
15 Performance analysis in not-for-profit organizations
16 Divisional performance measurement
17 Transfer pricing
18 Limiting factor decisions
19 Pricing decisions
20 Information, technologies and systems

Cost: UAH 7,500
20% VAT will be added to the cost for Ukraine

Check with the program coordinator for information on ACCA registration and exam fees.
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